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It is not easy to sit down and write an encouragement letter because of many reasons many of which borders around sensitivity. One mistake in terms of what you write can worsen a situation you were only trying to make better.

Imagine writing a friend an encouragement letter to express your sympathy during a certain ordeal - death, for example - Within your long words of encouragement you find yourself writing about how stupid you felt crying over your lost cousin or dog in front of your boyfriend. Yes! Some people can write something like that.

There is no better way to learn that practice; however, in this case practice can be detrimental as there are no mice to test your skills on before applying them on actual people. So the best thing to do is to find a mentor or buy a book to teach you how to write the best encouragement letter .

A great suggestion that we have tested and proved is to join our online cimmunity (sign up on top right). People like you have come here and expressed their feelings within the community and have found great assistance. In fact most of them return as often as they can to help others. It's totally free to join and test drive. The trick in getting feedback is commenting and offering help in areas where you are most comfortable with.

Being able to express your condolences can help show that you care and are not only sympathetic but are truly empathetic to what the person is going through. Below we share a few tips on how to write an encouragement letter.

Think about the encouragement words you want to say

The good thing about writing as compared to speaking is that you have the time to construct your sentences well. You can write and re-write until you feel like you have said what is in your heart. Remember that when you are trying to encourage, you must first show that you understand the situation and you do not take it lightly.

The person needs to be assured that you really do understand. The second thing to do here is to then offer yourself in terms of availability. Let the person know that you are there for him or her and can call on you if they need someone to talk to.

Be empathetic

You must show the person that you truly care. Do not make your encouragement letter come off as a template letter pulled from a list of sample letters. Show that it is you writing and that you know exactly what happened and how the person must be feeling. Do not, however, be too sentimental and detailed about the actual ordeal. Simply write enough to show you know and truly share the pain or disappointment.

Be positive and hopeful

This is not about false promises but people in grief or pain need to be told that it is going to be alright in time. Do not tell them they will get over it just like that but find the right words like, time is a healer -maybe that's too gushy but something like that. If the person believes in God do use it often in the letter.

Some of the thing to look out for include, avoiding clich├ęs like "it's all in God's hands now", "things happen for a reason" etc, do not say what you do not mean and keep your timing for sending the letter of encouragement right. Do not send it too late or too early especially if the person is still busy sorting out the ordeal and won't have time to sit and read your words of encouragement.


  •  Letters can still be used to communicate even these days. 
  • Positivity should be maintained in inspirational letter writing. 
  • Longhaircareforum.com has God’s words that will encourage you. 
  • For letters of words of encouragement for a loved one mydearvalentine.com is your site. 
  • The good thing about letters is that they can be kept as a reminder of past times. 


Additional Information

Another source for best encouragement letters can be community networks and forums. From here you can post your query and wait for the response. Quite a number of people have been in your shoes and may be willing to share their advice and experiences with you.

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