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Encouragement words for coping with death



Death has been in existence for time immemorial but its attack is still as traumatic. The truth is, we will never learn to live with it.Losing a loved one is

one of the most heart breaking events to ever happen to anyone. Sometimes when such happens it feels like you are alone and God has left you to fend for yourself. The heart aches so bad no amount of comfort can take the pain away especially during the first few days.

The pain does not ration in terms of who has died - be it a death of a parent, spouse, infant or any other family member, the pain is just as hard and coping with death is just as bad .

The hardest thing is actually believing that your loved one has died. Imagine waking up with your spouse or infant my your side only to hear she or she will not be coming home - ever. Imagine calling your mom the previous night to be awoken by a call from your little brother telling you mom is death. The news are never believable even if you could be expecting them - say because the person who has died was sick. Many people are known to simply lose it and not just cry but become temporary insane because the find it hard to cope with death.

There are many phases that a person coping with death goes through save for the heart ache . Click Here t0 These include, shock, disbelief, anger and pain. It is important to know how to comfort and help them in such terrible times. Do not judge them but do all you can to understand their situation.

If it is so hard to comprehend, try thinking about how you would feel if the situation was reversed and you were the one who had to cope with losing a loved one. Such wisdom is most important to helping a child coping with death. Note however that even for anyone coping with a miscarriage or infant death needs as much support. Essentially everyone who has lost a loved one needs as much support.

There are many ways to help someone heal. First, take some time to know the person you will be encouraging. This is especially true if you are not a close friend. You don't want to end up saying the wrong things under the premise of trying to offer words of encouragement.

Consider sending a letter of encouragement to someone coping with death and you will most likely bring a smile to the person's face. The good thing about writing as compared to speaking is that you have the time to construct your sentences well. You can write and re-write until you feel like you have said what is necessary to heal a heart ache.

Remember that when you are trying to encourage, you must first show that you understand the situation and you do not take it lightly. The person needs to be assured that you really do understand. The second thing to do here is to then offer yourself in terms of availability. Let the person know that you are there for him or her and can call on you if they need someone to talk to.

Some of the thing to avoid when encouraging someone coping with a traumatic death or trying to heal an heart ache is to avoid clich├ęs like "things happen for a reason", "it's all in God's hands now" and all the jazz. Do not say what you do not mean and keep your timing for sending the encouragement words, letter, quote, card or verse right.

Do not send it too late or too early especially if the person is still busy sorting out the ordeal and won't have time to sit and read it with the right frame of mind.


  • Death is one of the hardest experiences one has to face in a life time.
  • So if your friend has lost a loved one, you need to say the right words.
  • Encouragement words for coping with death need to be comforting and uplifting.
  • Let the grieving person know that he is hurting and say good things that will help lessen the pain.


Additional Information

To help someone cope with death, you need to get the person back or be part of the social life. Some people tend to shy away from their social life once they lost a loved one. Help your friend stay in touch with the world, with the things he once cared about. It might be hard at first, but if you keep encouraging him to attend events, he may get used to it and forget about the pain.

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