10 Godly ways to enjoy being single

10 Godly ways to enjoy being single

A lot of single Christians across the planet struggle with being single. Yes, it is true that being single comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties but that does not mean your being single period has to be miserable. Don’t make hasty decisions about your life, allow God to take lead and write your love story. This article will touch on 10 Godly ways to enjoy being single to help put a spark of happiness in your life as you ride solo.

  1. Accept this season

The first step leading to enjoying single-dom is to learn to fully embrace your ‘being single’. You need to first take a moment to make peace with your relationship status then there will be no doubt that you will enjoy being single without any regrets.

  1. Seek God’s will

God has always had the greatest plans for our lives, plans to prosper us not to harm us even though we sometimes disagree with His will. When you are single you have a perfect time to seek God’s will, yes it true that it might hurt at some time but you have to accept it and trust God. Who knows, maybe this being single season is preparing you for your significant other.

  1. Remember that you are in this season for a reason

Know that nothing happens by mistake with God, everything happens for a reason. Just take this period as God’s way of teaching you some new things while preparing you to be ready for a relationship. There’s absolutely no need for you to be devastated and worried, just enjoy the present while you are waiting for the future.

  1. Seek advice regularly

Single-dom is a delicate phase in a human requiring a lot of advice and encouragement from other people, therefore it is wise to seek biblical advice/counseling from married people especially if you see yourself married in the future. Few wise words from fellow Christians may make a huge difference in your single season in making you happy. 

  1. Don’t place your ultimate hope in marriage

The sad truth is that no one knows what the future holds for them. If you have hope that one day you will get married, have a beautiful family, and live a happily ever after life­­-­ this dream may come true…or maybe not. So, to avoid more disappointment in life it is best not to have high hopes for marriage but instead rather put your hope into the soon coming King, Jesus Christ, when the time is right the Lord will make it happen.

  1. Train yourself for Godliness

When you are single, you have more free time, it is wise to use it wisely while you are still flexible. Invest your time in the reading of scriptures and praying. Join youth unions and be committed to community service. In other words, spend your time in Godly ways to enjoy being single. Make good use of this time, who knows once you get married you won’t have so much time to do all this.

  1. Guard your heart

It helps to guard your heart, not to allow it to lead you astray as the scripture has commanded us to. You must always be in hope of meeting the right person the Lord has in store for you. So whatever that you do or decide to marry, you must make sure that it the one God has prepared for you and your heart is pleased with them.

  1. Trust God

Amidst all situations, we should learn to trust God. We tend to forget that at some times but the honest truth is, we should trust God’s lead because He is the only one who knows the way. You should just have faith in him, if you wish to be married one day just trust him that this being single phase shall come to pass.

  1. Spend time with other Christian Singles

Now that you have plenty of free time, try to spend most of your time socializing with people from your community or church. Build new friendships, use this being single period profitably to enhance your interpersonal skills. You can share your stories with other single Christians and trust me, you will be inspired and encouraged to hear stories from the people you are in the same boat with.

  1. Fix your eyes on Jesus

Going down the single road has got its own ups and downs but then in order to go through it smoothly, you need to fix your eyes on the author and finisher of our lives as a source of your joy and strength.

Singleness might be the best time for Christians, actually for everyone. Fun and memories are part and parcel of this journey so it is wise to make the best of it. Don’t be discouraged by anything instead always find strength and joy in these 10 Godly ways to enjoy being single. Check out the best encouragement words and quotes to help you tackle life issues that you will come across.

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