Single Words of Encouragement

For a number of reasons, people find themselves in the category of singles which at times may seem lonely. So single words of encouragement can be what you need to carry you through this seemingly difficult moment.

The pressure might creep in especially when other people expect you to be married at the time. After all, succumbing to pressure may see you finding the wrong person to be with, which will lead to a painful relationship full of regrets, and destroy your belief in the existence of true love.

Being Single

Being single must not be taken as a failure or a curse. It must be looked at as a situation whereby you haven’t found the right person to settle down with. Trust me, a lot of married couples out there dearly wish to turn back the hands of time to when they were single.

As mentioned before there are various reasons that may lead a person to being single. It may be through choice and at times it may be through failed relationships, or maybe you have run into the person who makes your world turn. Whatever the reason, I believe people should respect other people’s choices and try to be supportive.

Dealing With Loneliness

Being single at times tend to be lonely. You can make up for that lonely times by finding activities that are of interest to you to keep you occupied. Taking up a sport activity can see you meeting potential partners too. You might also run into other single individuals who share the same sentiments with you. They might be able to share single words of encouragement with you.

Online dating

For those who feel that they are ready for a relationship, trying out dating sites may not be such a bad idea. From these sites you will find people who are ready for a relationship just as you are. For some of the best dating site you can visit

Single Parenting

To play both roles of mother and father to your child can be a tiresome job. The best advice to give concerning such a situation is to establish good communication with your child. That way it will be easy for the child to relate problem that he/she faces to you. Sites like addresses such issues at great length.

The single words of encouragement ideas mentioned above can see any single person make it through in life. Being single may sure get lonely at times but it is free drama that comes with being in a relationship.


    • Being single may see you getting frustrated especially when a lot of people put pressure on you to get married.
    • Being a single person should not be looked at as being a failure.
  • Reasons like failed relationships and choosing to be single may be the why people get single.
  • To occupy yourself when single, taking up a sport would be fine.
  • If you feel you are ready for a relationship, you can try online dating.
  • Single parenting also calls for many sacrifices.

Additional Information

At times it might seem like your life will never get better. You might even start to convince yourself that finding the right person to settle down with was never meant for you. In reality God is there to listen to your problems and He has plans for your life. Your have not lost until you give up. When all else fail, you can turn to God.

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