Words of Encouragement for a Teenager

  Teenagers are the mostly easily influenced individuals. The following paragraphs will look at the words of encouragement for a teenager. From here you will get words to help a teenager in all the challenges that come with being a teenager.
There are so many things that they go through when they get trough their teenage years. Teenage years can make or break a future. The choices that you make as a teenager are the ones that you will have to live with throughout your adult life.

How to overcome peer pressure

Peer pressure comes in different forms. There is direct and indirect peer pressure. The words of encouragement for a teenager would be to be grateful of the things that you have and not feel pressured to be in possession of the things your parents cannot afford to give you. Most would want to compete with their friends when it comes to material possessions.

You will probably come across friends or classmates that have all the latest gadgets in their possession. Be careful of the advice you get from these friends. Some of them will tell you they all these nice things by dating old guys. Do not be fooled or tempted. Being in a relationship with an older guy is not all that bling and glamour.

Having your own principles is one way of overcoming peer pressure. Another option is to choose friends that have common goals as you will also make it easy for you not to make poor decisions.

How to deal with emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is one of the worst forms of abuse. It may not damage the skin or inflict pain; but it leaves you feeling worthless. Emotional abuse can be inflicted by parents and even boyfriends. It does not matter who the perpetrator is, but if you are constantly being told that you are not good enough, then that might lead to suicide. Words of encouragement for a teenager in such a situation are that you are not worthless; you are more precious because you were created for a purpose. Never let anyone think less of you.

Seeking professional help is one of the steps to take in order to deal with emotional abuse. You should also avoid responding to the abusive words that are thrown at you as that might fuel the perpetrator.


  • Teenagers go through a lot of changes in their lives during this period. They are also easily influenced by friends and the media.
  • Peer pressure comes in different forms; there is direct and indirect peer pressure.
  • Teenagers should be grateful of the things that their parents do for them, so that they don’t feel the pressure to have more than what their parents can afford.
  • By appreciating the little that your parents do for you, you will not be tempted to acquire things fast, like other teenagers.

Additional Information

Teenagers should always know that they have control in whatever life throws at them. They should understand that whatever path they should they should be ready to face the consequences. Teenagers should know that there is a right path which leads to good things and that there is the wrong path which is destructive.

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