Words of Encouragement during Hard Times

“All that glitters is not gold and not all those who wander are not lost, the old tree that is strong does not wither; its deep roots are not reached by the frost and from the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring forth,

renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be King”.

Most of you might recognize this poem from the novel Lord of the rings.

As we all strive to make it through hard times, often times hearing words of encouragement during hard times can make our journey easier. It is always good to have someone inspiring and motivating you whenever you feel like you are wearing down.

Take Courage

The first thing you need to know in this world is that it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The world is very mean and can sometimes beat you to your knees if you let it. So the main effect is how you react not how you have been hit. During hard times you need to keep moving forward, don’t let obstacles keep you at bay.Well it is hard sometimes to go on in difficult times because life tends to shatter us and at the end it becomes hard to come out. But all this could go away if someone could be there to give words of encouragement during hard times.

Having someone who motivates you during hard times will restore your self-esteem back and bring hope that you can. Also knowing other people who have faced difficult times in their lives can give you a bit of hope to start over.

Get Motivated

Getting motivated during hard times is one of the first steps to to recovering. One way to stay motivated is concentrating on the future and think of what life will bring. Most people learn from their hard times. And use their misfortune to create a strong future.Your recovery may take time but not eternity. To gain courage you need words of encouragement during hard times. You can look up encouragement quotes and motivational words from beliefnet.com. You will also find uplifting quotes and healing words of encouragements.

You can also join motivational groups and forums that have other people who are going through difficult times as you. From these groups you will learn how to deal with your problems and stay positive.

Consider the Bible

If you could also put your trust in the Lord, you will find that all things are possible. Starting a new life through Christ is your ticket to new beginnings. No matter how hard your situation, if you put your problems before Him in prayer, you will be delivered. God will shield you from any harm lurking your way. If you can read Psalms 25:16-18, you will find how great His love for you is.

This might sound strange, but at times it is okay to be thankful for hard times. Because even the apostle Paul said that it is endurance for all earthly beings to undergo trials so that in the end we are complete.My words of encouragement during hard times to you are thatyou stay faithful, upright and good. Always be diligent to your service to others, so that at the end you find treasure stored in your heart that you never knew was there.


    • Reading quotes and words of encouragement that inspire can make your situation look less that it is.
    • Having people around you with positive thinking and people who motivate you can give you courage to start new.
  • Take courage and move forward, try to think for the future.
  • Involve yourself with motivational groups and forums.
  • Put your hopes to the Lord and prayer.


Additional Information

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