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How to Be Okay With Being Single

Going against societal expectations and staying single can be frustrating. You may be frustrated by questions from the people who are closest to you. These may be questions such as “when are you getting married?”, “When will you start a family?”. These questions should not phase you from your commitment to staying single.

Always keep in mind that you are the driver in this journey and you don’t have to conform to people’s standards and expectations to be happy. This article will touch on some of the ways you can look at to learn how to be okay with being single. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for the ‘right’ person to come along, or you have given up on relationships, these listed tips will help smoothen your journey.

Being single has its own fair share of struggles. Yes, there are temptations that will make this harder than it already is, especially during family gatherings where you have to dodge questions about your relationship status and relatives rubbing their relationships in your face.

Know the Benefits of Being Single

Being single has a lot of benefits and I will touch on a few in the next paragraph that you can always go to, to learn how to be okay with being single, especially if you’re not looking to go into the dating scene any time soon.

Build yourself – One advantage of being single is that you get a chance to build yourself without the fear of hurting your partner or making them uncomfortable. This would be the perfect time to discover who you are (what you want and what you like/dislike). This will help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Work on your goals – Those goals and things you want to achieve that you have been putting aside because you didn’t have the time; now it’s time to bring them back on the table. Work on your vision board – write your vision, your goals, how you’ll achieve them, and the time it will take to achieve them. This will also help you when it comes to choosing a partner (if you decide to start dating) because it will tell you the kind of person you’ll need in your life that can help you with your goals.

Do the things you love – Whether it’s picking up a new hobby or exploring current hobbies, make time to do what you love. In relationships, oftentimes we compromise to make our partners happy, but as a single person, you can do all that you love without having to worry about your partner’s feelings or reservations. As the saying goes, “If you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship, get your own life first, then share it”, so make the best of the time you have.

Meet new people – Go out, meet new people and build relationships, whether personal or business. Attend social gatherings to expand your horizons. Attending relevant social gatherings may include going to church if you are a religious person, attending parties if you are an outgoing person, tagging along on hiking or trekking expeditions if you are adventurous, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Don’t Envy People’s Relationships

One of the ways you can be okay with being single is to learn not to envy people’s relationships. It is okay to admire couples and learn a few things that you can use in your relationship, eventually, but be careful not to be envious. It is easy to want what the next person has without understanding the mechanics of how they got it and how they sustain it, which will make you jump into a relationship you are not ready for just to keep up appearances.

So the best thing to do is note down the things you like from the relationship you admire and those that you do not like. Add these in a list you’ll keep about some of the qualities you want your future partner to have. This way, you will not compromise on what you are looking for because you have a clear plan and vision of what you want in a partner.

If you feel that spending too much time with your friends and their partners is putting pressure on you to start dating before you are ready, then reduce the number of outings you join that comprise couples only. Suggest a girls ’/boys’ night outing without partners, that way you will stay true to your course.

If you lack the motivation to stay single, you may end up in a toxic and unhealthy relationship while trying to meet societal standards. I hope the above info will help if you want to know how to be okay with being single. Check out the best encouragement words and quotes to help you tackle life issues that you will come across.

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