How to Be Single and Happy

How to Be Single and Happy

Have you recently ended things with the love of your life and you can’t seem to make peace with it? And you can’t see yourself happy anytime soon just because you are single. Relax we got you, this article is here to guide you on how to be single and happy.

It is true that being single and happy may seem to be impossible, but trust me if you put your mind to it, it is possible. Sooner or later you need to start seeing yourself happy, in fact, everyone deserves to be happy regardless of their relationship status. Do away with everything that will make you think being single is bleak while being in a relationship is bliss to ensure your happiness while riding solo.

The first step in leading a single and happy life is to wrap your head around it. You need not drown in negatives thought about your relationship status. If you can’t be happy when you are not in a relationship, the question is how are you going to be happy when you are seeing someone then?

Here are ways proved by research that you can be single and be happy at the same time;

Consider the Benefits of Being Single

When you are single you have fewer responsibilities and all the freedom, meaning you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. You don’t have to report to your partner about your every move which gives you enough time to focus on your goals, career, and your hobbies because there will be no significant other to please.

If you are into writing just finish that novel, if you are working then you should definitely put in more effort into your work. Just achieve everything and let yourself and the people around you be happy about your accomplishment. Don’t wait to be in a relationship in order for you to work on your life goals, this being single season is where you get to build the life of your dreams without any restrictions and learning more about the things that fascinate you. Enjoy being single!

When you are riding solo, you do not have to be bothered by your partner’s undesirable tendencies which may end up causing you stress, so just enjoy being single while it lasts. Do whatever pleases you with your money since you don’t have to report or ask for permission to spend it from anyone who has the power to disapprove with you.

On the other hand, research has proven that being single has lower stress levels compared to being in a relationship.  Also, single people have all the time for gyms and to follow healthy routines which come in handy as a benefit when it comes to healthy living. See, that’s why you need to enjoy your singleness.

It also helps to maintain friendships and create new ones. Keeping lively friendships may prove to be a mission when you are in a relationship than when you are single. This is because most of your time is consumed by your significant other, you have less time to spend with your friends let alone create new friendships. Use your being single period profitably by investing in friendships and build a strong force of the people who love and who’ve got your back. This might be fun! Enjoy!

One of the perks of being single is that you are able to make your self-care a priority, you don’t have to depend on your partner to be happy. Your happiness lies in your hands. Vacations, spar dates, and the likes can be what you need to cheer you up when you are not sure how to feel about being single. Studies have proven that being happy has nothing to do with a relationship status but has more to do with how you spend your time and your mindset.

Ignore Social Media Depictions

A major factor to being unhappy with your single status is media depictions of happy couples. All that we see in movies, adverts, novels, and social media seem to instill the mentality that we have to be in a relationship in order to be happy in life which is not true. Try by all means to do away with such messages.

Social media will depict single women as a powerful woman who has it all or a sad lonely woman; really all this means nothing. Remember, you are the driver in this journey, being single doesn’t mean you are incomplete until you meet your significant other. Your happiness lies in your hands.

With all these depictions you may think that you are not doing enough or you are being left behind in life but tell you what, if you are not able to cope with being single be sure to read how to be single and happy and I guarantee you, you will then view being outside of a relationship differently.

Realize That Not All Your Thought Are Facts

The key to avoiding negative thoughts is to know that not every thought buzzing through your mind is based on reality. We can’t ignore the fact that there will be times when you’ll be alone in your bed, and thought like, ‘you will never be in a relationship ever again,’ or ‘you will never be able to connect with your significant other since you think that all the guys good for you are already taken,’ will keep running through your mind. You should not entertain such thoughts since they can kill your happiness.

You should also be careful not to use your past relationship experiences to predict your future relationships. This is not good for your well-being. Nasty experiences and sad breakups must not persuade you negatively when you try to find love again. It also helps to cut all ties with your ex (unfollow them on their social media pages and stop talking about them with your friends) because you can’t move on with your life if you are somehow still attached to the past. And trust me, you will start to enjoy the art of being single and start on a clean slate with the person you are going to fall in love with again.

Don’t Get Your Hopes High When Going Out On a Date

It is great to be excited about a date­­­­­­­­­­—but be careful not to give yourself false hope that they might be the one you are looking for. This is to avoid disappointment because it can kill your attitude towards going out to meet potential partners. Instead, do take your time to gauge the person, they might be the one you are looking for just not from the first meet or first sight though.

Lastly, you can be happy and single, you just have to stop overanalyzing romantic encounters and focus on being happy. I hope the above information will help if you want to know how to be single and happy and to make your single-dom period awesome and fun. Check out best encouragement words, quotes, and sayings to help you every time you need encouragement.

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