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100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love

Sometimes husbands are not appreciated as they deserve because it is said that a man should appreciate his woman mostly. Men also need to be constantly reminded that they are loved and cared about. You may also check out encouraging bible verses for men and words of encouragement that will inspire you.

Powerful words of appreciation to your husband can impact your marriage in a positive way and yield good results. Show some love to the man of your dreams with our list of 100 husband quotes. Inspire your husband with these black men quotes and brother quotes on our site. Also read inspirational quotes for men

Birthday Quotes For Husband Funny

Are you celebrating your husband’s birthday? Use these humorous sayings to lighten up the mood on his special day.

  1. “Dear husband, it is your birthday today. I wanted to wish you the very best, but you already have me. No need. Happy birthday.”– Rita James

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 1

  1. “I took out the trash today. Don’t thank me, it’s a birthday gift. Happy birthday, darling.”– Unknown
  2. “Without you, sweetheart, there would be no log on the couch, no annoying football matches on the TV and there would be more fruit juice in the fridge. Happy birthday, anyways.”– Unknown
  3. “I know you are very glad you married me. Why wouldn’t you? At least, I am about to wish you a happy birthday. You don’t get that everywhere. Happy birthday, love.”-Unknown
  4. “You are the love of my life but the biggest pain in my ass. Happy birthday, darling. I love you so much.”– Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 2

  1. “Hey, hubby. Happy birthday to you from me—the one that endures your farts and still loves you.:”– Anonymous
  2. “It is so hard believing today is your birthday because you never look any older. My ever young husband, happy birthday. I love you so much.”– A. R Tuss
  3. “You may not have the hero-physique, strength, or endurance, but no one takes out the garbage quite like you! Happy Birthday to a Super Husband!”– Anonymous
  4. “Here’s to a husband who still likes to embrace his inner bad boy… without ever leaving the couch. Happy Birthday!– Unknown
  5. “Husband, you are like mac-n-cheese. So very cheesy, but also so very comforting. Today let’s relax and enjoy your birthday!”– Ross Jacobs

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 3

  1. “Honey, did you ever realize that you’re just like a red pepper, you get spicier with every year. Happy Birthday to my feisty husband!”– Unknown
  2. “Happy birthday to the love of my life and the biggest pain in my ass! I love you.”– Unknown

Romantic Quotes For Husband

Love needs to be celebrated every day in marriage life to make your special one feel special and wanted. Shower your man with these love quotes for husband and put a smile on his face.

  1. “Some will love you for who you are, others will the mask you wear. Thank you for loving me still even when I took off my mask.” –LikeLoveQuotes
  2. “Babe, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making me smile like crazy. Thank you for making me happy.” – The LoveBits
  3. “Your love shines in my heart as the sun that shines upon the earth.” Eleanor Di Guillo

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 4

  1. “One day, I caught myself smiling without no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you.” – Unknown
  2. “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” – Angelita Lim
  3. “Then I realize what it is. It’s him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.”― Veronica Roth
  4. “I love you as one loves certain dark things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.” – Pablo Neruda
  5. “To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything” – T. Tolis

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 5

  1. “His arms are strong enough, to hold every fear, every beautiful broken piece of me. This man doesn’t just make me feel complete, he completes me.” – S. Marie
  2. “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” –Emily Brante
  3. “In terms of my marriage, you know, falling in love with my husband was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” – Caroline Kennedy
  4. “An easy-going husband is the one indispensable comfort of life.” – Ouida

Anniversary Quotes For My Husband

Celebrate your marriage years with your husband with happy anniversary to my husband quotes. Share beautiful memories and reminisce about your wedding day.

  1. “The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.” -Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 6

  1. “We may not have it all together but, together we have it all.” -Anonymous
  2. “A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other when the other feels weak.” -Ashley Wiillis
  3. “You have always been the greatest husband I have ever prayed for.”
  4. “Thank you for being you. For sharing your love with me. For inspiring me to accept myself. For helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection. For showing me that love is something you do; something not to just be said, but also to be shown.” -Steve Maraboli
  5. “I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times.” -Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 7

  1. “Our anniversary celebration does not have the colorfulness of piñatas, grandeur of fireworks or the thump of loud music. But it has the colorfulness of our memories, grandeur of our love and thump of our hearts beating for each other forever.” -Anonymous
  2. “This is all I want to do with you forever.” -Anonymous
  3. “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our souls and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” -Nicholas Sparks
  4. “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -Paulo Coelho
  5. “Love is not something you go out and look for. Love finds you, and when it does, ready or not, it’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you.” -Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 8

Happy Father’s day Husband Quotes

Every year father’s day is celebrated. Let your husband know how grateful you are and how he has been a good father in raising your kids. Take a look at our husband quotes to use on father’s day.

  1. “I loved you when I met you, now that you are the father of our children; I love you more than ever. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad and husband.”– Unknown
  2. “You are my rock, my sounding board, the love of my life, but most importantly you are the greatest father to our children. Happy Father’s Day, I love you.”– Anonymous
  3. “You and I know how much you love to go fishing, so I thought this fishing card was the best way to remind you how much I love you! And yes before you ask, you can go fishing.”– Unknown
  4. “Life isn’t always easy, but there is no one that I would rather celebrate the good times with and whether the storms with. Happy Father’s Day.”– Unknown
  5. “The only thing better than having you by my side as my husband is having you as our children’s father. Happy Father’s Day, sweetheart.”– Brooke Tinder

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 9

  1. “You were there holding my hand on our first date, holding my hand during the birth of our babies, and now you continue to hold my hand through this beautiful thing we call life. I can’t imagine anyone else being there to hold my hand, Happy Father’s Day.”– Unknown
  2. “Keep calm, daddy’s home. Thank you for being the best you can be every day. Happy Father’s Day.”– Unknown
  3. “Wishing you the best Father’s Day filled with the things you love, so that you may cherish this special day in the years to come.”– A.A. Tom
  4. “Being a good father can easily go unnoticed, yet it is one of the most valuable assets to a family. Here’s to celebrating you today and every other day of the year Happy Father’s Day.”– Unknown
  5. “Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest, father, husband, protector, and friend.”– Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 10

  1. “Thanks for loving me unconditionally even on the days when the house is a disaster, dishes fill the sink and the kids *plus mama* look like they have been playing at a zoo all day. Happy Father’s Day.”– Unknown
  2. “We hope you feel as special every other day of the year, as you do today. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad out there. We love you.”– Anonymous
  3. “You fill the gaps to my weaknesses, I fill the gaps to your weaknesses, for that I am thankful. Without you, I wouldn’t have someone to open the jar lids that are too tight, without me you wouldn’t be able to find the milk. In the refrigerator. On the top shelf. Behind the pickles. Yes, the top shelf. Oh great, you found it. Happy Father’s Day, I will always be here to help you find the milk.”– Emily
  4. “We are a powerful duo. Together we have fun. We have become awesome parents and I’m so grateful that you’re my love. Happy Father’s Day to my husband.”– Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 11

  1. “You are their hero. They watch everything that you do, learn from everything that you do, and want to do everything that you do. You are and will continue to be, a big player in their self-esteem. You’re teaching them to be confident, self-assured, and proud. What in the world could I change about a man that loves his family, works hard, and treats his wife with love and respect? Absolutely nothing. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Wonderful.”– Taraj Stunner

Happy Valentines Day Husband Quotes

Valentine’s day is a special day where we celebrate love and happiness. Enjoy the day in your marriage with these husband love sayings.

  1. “From the first time I saw you, I knew you would have my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best husband I could have asked for. Strong and sweet, handsome and handy, roguish and romantic, wild and beautiful, these are just a few of the words that describe you.”– Unknown
  2. “Thanks for being my ideal man this Valentine’s Day and every day! Every day, our love grows stronger.”– Emily
  3. “If I think of you four times a day, in 365 days that would be 1,460 times of thinking of you moments. In my not-thinking of you moments, I am basking in your presence and loving every minute of it.”– Unknown
  4. “You are my special lifetime Valentine. After so many years together, my heart still beats faster whenever you walk into the room. I love you and am glad to call you my husband! I can’t imagine a single day away from you.”– Anonymous
  5. “I can’t live a life without you in it. I hope you feel the same way, my Valentine.”– Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 12

  1. “The first time I saw you across a roomful of people, I knew that we were destined to be together. We have become best friends, soulmates, lovers and sparring partners. You are my life, my love, and my forever mate. Happy Valentine’s day.”– Tamara Mauda 
  2. “This day is meant for celebrating love, and I am so happy we get to celebrate it together this year.”– Unknown
  3. “Your beauty is unparalleled, your cleverness unmatched, your sense of humor unforgettable and your character unassailable. That’s why my love for you is unbreakable! You have integrity, charm, a kind smile, the most gorgeous eyes and warm arms to hold me tight.”– Emily Sande
  4. “Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who owns my heart day and night. Diamonds and roses are excellent on Valentine’s Day, but having your love is enough for me.”– Unknown
  5. “Darling, have I told you lately how much you take my breath away? Just watching you walk with such beauty and grace fills my heart with love and desire for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”– Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 13

  1. “Love is more than longing gazes, dancing in the rain and candlelight dinners, but I am so glad we experience all of that and more. I love you! It is not all the sweet things you do that make me love you. I love you for your strong heart and because you are you.”– Unknown
  2. “Happy Valentine’s Day to my handsome guy. I am proud to be yours and love being with you on this day and each chance we can get! Valentine’s Day gives me an extra chance to show you how much I care.”– Unknown
  3. “Words cannot express all of my feelings for you, but I want to say how much I love you. You are more than just my boyfriend. You are my best friend, and I hope you know how much that means to me!”– Unknown
  4. “You are the kind of man that I dreamed I would meet someday. I am so glad to know that dreams can come true! Happy Valentine’s Day!’– Unknown
  5. “Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but every day you fill my life with joy. Thank you for all you do in our relationship!“- Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 14

Proud Of My Husband Quotes

Do you have a hard-working man who goes all out for his family? Use the following inspirational quotes for husband to push him to work harder knowing that you are proud.

  1. “My husband is one of my greatest blessings from God. His love is a gift that I open every day.”– Unknown
  2. “If my life was a ship, you would be the anchor that holds me in place and the sails which take me on a beautiful journey.”– Emily
  3. “I love my husband. I believe in him, and I am proud of his accomplishments.”– Anonymous
  4. “I am proud of my Husband. Because of him, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.”– Unknown
  5. “I am so proud of my husband. He is truly one of a kind. A real man. I’m blessed to have him.”– Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 15

  1. “I didn’t know that it was possible to fall in love over and over, deeper and deeper, with the same person every day. I am proud of you, honey.” -Jeniffer Scot
  2. “Do you know what the best thing about this world is? It is being your wife!”– Unknown
  3. “I am a proud wife of an imperfect perfect husband. He is the only one in this world who can tolerate my madness.”– Unknown
  4. “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”– Unknown
  5. “I cannot possibly think of loving anyone else the way I love you. You are my life, I cannot imagine my life without you.”– Ross. Hudges

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 16

  1. “Every time I look at the keyboard, I see that U and I are always together.”– Unknown
  2. “Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m something. Together, we’re everything.”– Unknown

Sweet Love Quotes For Husband

Are you having a difficult time with bond and trust in your marriage? Express your dying, endless love to your man with these husband quotes that will make him feel loved.

  1. “You are the only person with whom I can be ME because you are the only person who loves me for what I am and not what I can be.”– Unknown
  2. “Our love sings with passion and sensation. Our marriage hinges on care and affection. I love you!”– Unknown
  3. “I don’t need a perfect one. I just need someone who can make me feel that I’m the only one for him.”

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 17

  1. “In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you.”– Unknown
  2. “The only thing better than me having you as my husband is our children having you as their father.”– Jeniffer Scott
  3. “You are my paradise, and I would happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.”– Anonymous
  4. “Riddle of the day: Who is more gorgeous than a Greek God, more handsome than a Hollywood heartthrob and more giving than a millionaire?
    Answer: You! You are all this and more, my dear husband. I love being with you.”– Anonymous
  5. “The responsibilities of marriage: being a good wife and a caring mother, were never a burden on my shoulder because your strong shoulders were always there to support me. I love you, darling!”– Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 18

  1. “Monday morning blues have become colorful; boring weekends have turned fun, Xbox has become interesting, cooking has become romantic and watching TV has become a lot cozier in the arms of a husband like you. I love you!”– Unknown

Thank You Quotes For Husband

Have you run out of words to say to your man in showing gratitude for all he has done? Read through our thank you sayings so that you can be able to express how thankful you are.

  1. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”— Elizabeth Barret Browning
  2. “I’m extremely thankful for everything that you do to keep the fire of love burning. I look forward to many years of passion and joy with you.”– Unknown
  3. “I’m extremely lucky to have such a caring man in my life. Your support and unflinching care will remain in my heart forever. Thank you!”– E. Scott
  4. “I know that this thank you note is not enough to show gratitude to someone who has given me so much of his time and who has added so much fun to my day. Still, know that I love and appreciate you always!- Unknown

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 19

  1. “Your sweet nature is one of the many things about you that always make me think of what my life would have been like if we’d never met. Thank you for that gentle look in your eyes that makes me smile every day!”– Anonymous
  2. “I so value the way you look at me with such love in your eyes. Thank you for being a romantic husband and a responsible father. I respect and appreciate you for never trying to hold me back from what I desire in life. Once again, thanks for being there for me always.”– Unknown
  3. “You are my #1 man, and I crave your love every second. Thank you for your time and care!”– Unknown
  4. “Your hugs, kisses, and gentle touches mean everything to me. Thank you for taking care of me beyond my dreams and expectations.”– Samantha Green
  5. “You are the most amazing person in my life, and I adore and value so much. Your kindness is one of the secrets to our happy matrimony. Thank you for being there for me always!”– Anonymous

100 Best Husband Quotes To Celebrate Love 20

  1. “Sweetheart, I really appreciate everything you do to make me smile. Indeed, I crave your love more than anything. Thank you for being a great husband and father!”– Unknown
  2. “My life would have been in shambles had our fates not intertwined. I would have been a mess had our destinies not aligned. I would never have met the most perfect husband had our futures not combined. Thanks for everything.”– Anonymous
  3. “To each other, we are… best life partners, better lovers. Best enemies, better friends. Best couple, better soulmates. Best husband and wife, better friends forever. Thanks for everything baby.” -ROSE. Micheals
  4. ”Thanks for erasing the word nightmare from the dictionary of my life. You have made my life a dream a come true.”– Unknown
  5. “My dear husband, thanks for making heavy words like compatibility and compromise seem like a breezy cakewalk in our married life.”– Unknown

Love is a beautiful thing. We hope our soulful husband quotes were of great help in making your husband feel loved. Remember to always stay alert on our website for more encouraging words to stay motivated and inspired. 

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