Words of Encouragement for Boys

As a growing young person you really need words of encouragement for boys. I know from time to time you are forced by friends into so many things.
And may be peer pressure is at its peak and you’re probably not sure how long will you be able to resist these temptations.

Listen To Parents, They Have Great Dreams For You

The first advice I would give to boys is that they must respect and obey their parents. It’s strange that some young people tend to draw away from their parents and rely on the advice offered by friends. This is gross unreasonableness. Your parents have been with you since birth, feeding and paying school fees to make you the person you have become. This shows your parents have a dream about you and you are also their future.


The church is another place to turn to for good advice and counseling. This is where you will get good words of encouragements that will help you grow spiritually. You will also find different people who will offer counseling from their experience and essential words of encouragement for boys.

Steer Clear Of Bad Friends

You have probably seen some friends of yours ending up prison and becoming drug addicts or something to that effect. Some of them are dead by now and that should be a good lesson for you. These friends offered you things which seemed a lot fun but they have really bad consequences.

Social trust

Besides the danger and bad consequences that come with immoral lives, there are more benefits of a modest and holy life. People tend to look at you for guidance and counseling.

These words of encouragement for boysare some of useful quotes that boys should pay attention to in order to succeed in life and really hope they will be very useful. For more related quotes check up the related links below


  • Boys should respect and obey parents at all times. This is because parents have big dreams about their kids because you are also their future
  • The church is an ideal place where you can getreliable and worthwhile advices. There are a lot of counseling services that you can get from the church
  • Bad friends should be avoided as they can spoil a good character and lands an innocent soul in trouble
  • Above everything else, good moral life is very rewarding. People look upon you for advices and counseling

Additional Information

I know it is not so easy to stick to those good principles that your parents and pastors are trying to instill onto you, especially if everybody else seems to be living the way that pleases them.  On the contrary those who preserved, and paid attention to the advice given to them are living happy and blessed lives. Other than the church there are also a lot of government health facilities and clubs offering advice for young people.

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