Love Words of Encouragement

Is your heart broken? Do feel very miserable and shocked and even considering things suicide and getting lost. Pause a minute and consider the following love words of encouragement. In the form of a brief and helpful article I hope the will help you too.

There are many circumstances that could drive a person to the point of wishing to end their life. I have also been in that too. In fact you will come across such instances once or twice in life. You aren’t the first to encounter such a problem and you have to face it. Like when your girlfriend decided to end your relationship

Don’t try to follow them

Once a relationship has ended don’t try to follow them around. Get me clear, I mean after your first attempt of talking to her fails, don’t try forcing her around lest you get fed up and end your life. Before I go any further let me highlight that suicide has never been a solution at all.

The only thing you should do is give your girlfriend room to breath. Frustrating her won’t be of any help. Instead you will become a problem or a headache to her? Remember your family and friends out there still need you. Let’s move on the next section for more love words of encouragement that will make you feel much better.

You can replace her

One thing you should know is that you can still replace your girlfriend. And with someone far better than her. You young boys amaze me sometimes. You used to live without her in the first place, didn’t you? You mean to tell me that now you cannot go on your own. Come on dude be honest and face the truth and facts, as hard as they may be.

Well I would love to go on giving you some more useful love words of encouragement but my page limits me. But there are some sites like  and  where you can get this information on how to cope with these events.

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