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20 Pastor Appreciation Quotes & Scriptures

Pastors are one of the most important people who contribute to one’s spiritual growth, though being a pastor has its own fair share of struggles. The increasing numbers of churches and christians are evidence that indeed pastors do a great job. Do check out bible verses for men and words of encouragement that will motivate, inspire and give you hope and strength. 

whether you are planning a celebration to honor and show gratitude to your minister or you want to pen a heartfelt message to your pastor to appreciate their devotion, dedication, wisdom, and love in the church. Whatever the case is, choose quotes from the 20 pastor appreciation quotes and scriptures to help you show gratitude to your spiritual father. See also prayer for encouragement and bible verses about faith on the site. You can also check out Jesus quotes that will uplift your spirit. 

Pastor Appreciation Day Quotes

You need to appreciate the people who take care of your soul. The best way of appreciating your pastor or your minister for their guidance is to give them gifts or cards. Here are the best appreciation quotes for pastors you can choose from during a pastor’s appreciation day.

  1. My priest, your great heart shone with the sunrise of the East, like the snowy summit of a lonely hill in the dawn. 

  2. Your voice, my pastor, wanders in my heart, like the muffled sound of the sea among these listening pines. 

  3. You like the cloud who stand humbly in a corner of the sky, the morning crowned it with splendor. 

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  4. You are the boots below the earth claim no rewards for making the branches fruitful. 

Pastor Appreciation Month Quotes

It is so heart-warming to a pastor to see his congregation showing gratitude for the work he’s doing in the church. It inspires him and gives him the drive he needs to minister the word of God. Checkout the following pastor appreciation short quotes we have prepared for you to help you show your pastor how thankful you are.

  1. “You are a great pastor, whenever I was confused or depressed or didn’t know what to do… you were there to guide me” 

  2. “Thank you pastor, the work you have done for this congregation has truly been a blessing. I am praising God to be so blessed as to have a Shepard who love his flock this much.” 

  3. “In infinite wisdom the Lord surely knew that we’d need a pastor as faithful as you. A love of God’s word and a heart for his flock. You give on yourself and you stand on the rock.” 

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  4. “We thank God for sending you to us for a season. We sincerely appreciate your devotion, your dedication, your love, your spirit, your teachings, and your wisdom.”

Pastor Appreciation Quotes Bible

Always make sure that your pastor is happy to lead flock like you. Make sure that you encourage and appreciate him through bible verses and quotes. Here is a look at some of the best Bible verses for pastor appreciation to note;

  1. “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 28:2

  2. “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers,” Ephesians 4:11

  3. “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3:15

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  4. “As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ. And they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you.” 2 Corinthians 9:13-14

  5. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

  6. We continually remember before our God and father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:3

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  7. May the God of hope fill you with all the joy and peace… Romans 15:13

Appreciation Quotes For Pastor And Wife

Pastor’s wives are also important members in the church and they need to be appreciated. It is their responsibility to make sure that the pastor is happy so that he can minister the word of God with a smile and whole heartedly. Have a look at these pastor appreciation poems and quotes.

  1. “When we thank God for our pastor we must give thanks for 2, for when your husband came to us God also sent us you. a pastor’s wife must be may things, you have many hats to wear; And we say thanks for all you do And lift you up in prayer. You adjust your life to meet the needs of your husband’s congregation. It seems that you can always cope with most any situation. Your presence blesses all of us who know you from day to day as our pastor’s life you are serving God in a fine but worthy way.” 

  2. “May you and your family live to enjoy the gift of life the Lord has given you.” 

  3. “Pastors are special but a pastor’s wife is a blessing.” 

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  4. “Thick skin tender heart and what pastor’s wife needs most.” 

  5. “The wife of a Pastor is no ordinary role, its not for the jealous nor timid soul. so I take this moment without further ado, to say Co-Pastor, we celebrate you. Though demands are never ending and recognitions are few, your smiles are ever present, never stale, each one new. You’re an example to the sister and encourager to the brother, while obeying Christ’s command that we serve one another. You’re gloriously appreciated as an enhancer of life. You are not just a Queen… you are a Pastor’s wife.”

We hope our collection of pastor appreciating quotes were of great help to you. 

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