Encouragement Words In time of Need

Encouragement words in time of need are one of the most crucial aspects for well being especially. At some point in our lives every person goes through one of the most challenging experiences and the only way to pull through is by hearing some words of encouragement.

It is a known fact that at times you may feel the need to talk to someone who would just listen but only to find that everyone is too busy taking care of their own problems. The web offers an opportunity for those who have no one to talk to.

There are millions of people who are feeling just the way you do and may need words of encouragement as much as you do.

For starters, we have a growing online comminity of people who have been through tthe exact same situation as you. They came here feeling the way you are feeling and met up with people who offered help, talked to them and showed them a way out. You too can sign up free (on the top right) and start getting the help you need. You also need to return the favor by helping others in areas where you are stronger.

Visiting some chartrooms can lead you to finding people who would be empathetic to your situation. You can find chartrooms and forums that offer encouragement words, poems and cards in order to help people who have lost their loved ones, have divorced or simply missing someone who lives across the continent, to cope. Most of these sites offer free encouragement words but it is possible to find those that require a low subscription fee.

If you are not one to use the web to find encouragement words in time of need, or simply want an alternative, then we recommend you buy a book. A book is good a lot of things – for one you can re-read it over and over again and because its yours you can give it away to a friend who would need it years down the line. Our best pick are found here

“Words of Encouragement”

This great book by Margolyn Woods costs a mere $5 but contains some of the best words of encouragement you would ever need in time of desperations and when you feel like giving up. Click here to review the book further.

Understanding Motivation and Emotion

In times of depression and hopelessness, self motivation or self encouragement is one of the most powerful ways to pull your self out of the situation. By buying and reading this book by Johnmarshall Reeve you would be positioning yourself to gain the best understanding of motivation and how it transforms lives. It teaches on the basic principles of motivation in such settings as schools, the workplace, the athletic field, counseling, and one’s own personal strivings. This is a definite must have for any one anytime .

When Your Soul Aches: Hope and Help for Women Who Have Lost Their Husbands

Lois Mowday Rabey simply offers encouragement words for women who have lost their loved ones. If you are terribly broken by the lost of your life partner, then this book is for you. The book is written by a widow who remained single for ten years while raising her two daughters. As you turn the pages, you will find invaluable guidance and words of encouragement for women facing the painful emotions and difficult challenges of widowhood.

This book is available in stock and shipped directly by Amazon. At only $10 you can gain a wealth of experience and information to help you cope for a life time. to review the book further.

You can also look for other books focusing on encouragement words Click here


  • Everyone goes through a lot of different emotions in their lives; sadness, sometimes depression.
  • A break up is one of the toughest moments to go through in life. Times like these can be quite upsetting. It is hard to move on after a break up, but what is point of trying to mend a relationship only to get hurt in the process.
  • Losing a loved is very tough on the ones left behind. They go through a lot of emotions; sadness, grief and anguish. It is very important to remember that our loved ones will always live in our memories and our hearts.


Additional Information

Sometimes it is wise to find someone to talk to. It could be a therapist or the person you are sitting next to; in the train or the park. It is possible that the person has actually gone through whatever you are going through, at that time, and may provide sound advice.

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