Words of Encouragement for a Prisoner

Prisoners are amongst the kind of people who also need love, care and comfort. Rejecting them does no good either for us or for the prisoner. In view to that I have decided to come

up with these words of encouragement for a prisoner that you can read and be able to comfort an incarcerated prisoner. Whatever the nature of crime someone has been imprisoned for there is still a second chance of repentance.

It may be true that you may have been unfairly charged or simply because you weren’t aware that you are committing a crime. Of course I understand that not everyone behind bars is a criminal. Whatever the case is, there is still room for change and coping with the aftermath. The best words of encouragement have helped others in a situation similar to yours cope with the time they have to do.

Coping With Detention

The first thing you should bear in mind is that you have been sent to the correctional services for reconciliation not as a punishment. That is why after a certain period you will be released back home when you are ready to live in society. Of course I know how bad it feels to be deprived of your freedom but this is something that will definitely come to an end. These are some useful words of encouragement for a prisoner that someone in prison should consider.

We Learn From Mistakes

It’s true that in life we learn from the mistakes we make. Some mistakes are big enough that they need to be corrected by the law.Imprisonment is just a special way of trying to reconcile someone to society life not as a punishment as most people take it to be. No matter how unfairly you have been accused, that is no proper reason to commit suicide.

It’sNever Too Late For A Change

There is always a second chance in life and it’s never too late to repent, regardless of the number of times you have been to prison. We have seen world’s most dangerous criminals repenting to become great pastors. That is possible with anyone who pays attention to motivational quotes. There are many more useful words of encouragement for a prisoner that you can read from thissite.


  • Incarceration doesn’t mean someone is punished and have been rejected, its just a way of reconciliation.
  • Not everyone is in prison because he or she has done something wrong.
  • Even if you have done something wrong, detention should not be taken as punishment, but ca course whereby one is reconciled to be compatible with society life .
  • It’s true that we all learn from our mistakes.
  • It’s never too late for a change, you can turn your life around and make it anything you want it to be.

Additional Information

For whatever the count you have been charged with, try to forget about what happened. Try to forgive those who have done you wrong and move on with life. Thinking about them may lead you to want to revenge and that could again cause another unwanted imprisonment.

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