Words of Encouragement for Unemployed

 The situation with the world’s economy and the effect it has trickle in so many lives has brought about unemployment. Many companies are downsizing their employees due to financial difficulties.

You may not have been fired yet, but know someone how have and this person may need words of encouragement for unemployed.

The impact of not working reaches far beyond the individual’s life. The relative or spouse who has not been out of a job for a while maybe trying to make ends meet by changing skills and sometimes scared to look for a proper job. A lot of things need to be compromised once a person looses a job. Unemployment does not only affect you but also your friends and relatives. They are all wondering what you will do after the loss of your job.


Some people feel the loss of a job as the feeling that comes when one has to cope with death. This is because you have to undergo similar emotions, shock, anger and grief. Unemployed people usually feel betrayed by their employers and sometimes they even blame God. Words of encouragement for unemployed can do you good because during this time you feel vulnerable, lost and angry. Try to engage yourself to talk about other things e.g. hobbies, interest and etc. Don’t feel sorry that you have been short-list.

Losing one’s job takes away a bigger part of your life to a stop. So it will do you good to take some time to grieve. While you still grieving about your job, you need to something that will keep you motivated and energized. Look for opportunities that will help your situation feel better, get motivational words of encouragement from accesstogod.com.

Dealing with Unemployment

Another thing don’t let question like, “are you looking for another job?” worry you. But do try to show how you feel about your loss. And try to think of positive things to do. You can even share your fears and needs plus concerns about the future, you can also try to get advice. Some people may tell you to just take any job that comes than doing nothing. Words of encouragement for unemployed would be to apply for a job that will make you happy. Maybe losing that first job was your chance to get something that will make you happy.

Words of encouragement will give you strength and hope that will uplift your life. You can also join support groups or go to your church and put your job applications as your prayer item.

Be Relaxed

Don’t spend most of your timer looking for a job. Try to do other things, for example do voluntary work for your community. Yes you may feel bit guilt for the time you spend doing other things, but it is okay to give yourself some rest. You can also include yourself in healthy activities that will keep you from the stress of looking for a job.

Do visit family members that can offer you with future advice. And stay connected with your former colleagues. But above all remember thatGod is there for you no matter what. When Looking for your next job remember these words of encouragement for unemployed that there is no guarantee for a better job, boss, so don’t raise your expectations so high.


  • The world is faced with big problem of unemployment.
  • Losing a job is like losing someone from death.
  • When you are out of a job you feel angry, fear and depressed.
  • You can deal with job loss by keeping calm, join supporting groups and have friends to talk to.
  • Get time to understand your situation, do other things other than searching for a job.


Additional Information

If you are encouraging someone who has lost a job, you need to be careful on the things you say. Because the person is feeling ashamed and embarrassed about not working. You also need to explain to the person that maybe the unexpected twist of faith was God’s plan to redirect his job path. So he must put his faith in God and everything will come to pass.

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