What if I am single forever

What if I Am Single Forever

The free and stress-free life of being alone may not end so well with a lot of people. At some point in life when they see their friends getting engaged, or married, the question ‘what if I am single forever’ starts bothering them. While the being single season may come with spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical benefits it can also impact badly to some people.

It is absolutely normal that people in their late 20s and 30s worry too much about their relationship status. The question, ‘will I ever meet the right person’ keeps on buzzing in their minds. At some point, they begin to wonder if there’s something inherently wrong with them. But tell you what, whether you have gone on a couple of dates or been in a lot of both short-term and long-term relationships but not been able to connect or meet the right candidate yet, you should not throw in the towel. Your significant other is still on the way, you will eventually meet them.

Even though no one can guarantee that they will be married in the future, but it is safe to say that, with so many people on the planet chances are very slim that you will remain single forever, you will find your significant other, sooner or later. What you are feeling will come to pass soon, you will heal with time.

The biggest question is; do you want to be single forever? If not then you should try to do things differently with the following, with effect from today;

Being a Stiff

You need to loosen up a little bit. We know that dating can be a bit messy sometimes but that doesn’t mean you should lose your humor. Try to always find fun in everything you do with your partner, a simple date or a picnic can end up being a game for you, so put some effort into your dates. Don’t be such a bore, explore some new things in life.

Being Self-interested

Relationships are a two-way kind of a thing. You should both put in some effort to make it work. Do not come into a relationship looking for personal gain, you could be looking for a financial supporter, a mother to your kids, or a cook; it doesn’t work that way. If you keep on pursuing such goals maybe you will remain single for long.  If you had such intentions in a relationship in the past, then you should first change your intentions to ensure that you are not single forever.


Compromising is one of the major pillars that hold a relationship, but then if you always want to do things your way you might as well remain single for the longest time. The ‘what if I am single forever’ question shouldn’t bother you at all if you still haven’t seen the need to compromise in a relationship.


Don’t allow lingering thoughts that make you believe that you are the main reason why you are still single to kill your happiness. Keep a positive mind and thoughts. Once you start valuing that, you will know just very well that it is now time for you to move on with your life. Dwelling on your mistakes and flaws can ensure that you stay in the past.

Giving People a Chance

Don’t be quick to judge people. When they give you a sign that they are interested in you, don’t just ignore them, instead, do give them a chance to express their feelings and intentions towards you. However, you should also be open to the possibility of finding the best in that particular person. On the other hand, having realistic expectations for the person you want to settle down with can be a good start for you to ensure that you are not single forever. I mean, if no one on planet earth can meet your expectations then you are just wasting your time. If you can’t give people a chance, then you might as well consider yourself permanently single.

Undervaluing yourself

It is very vital to know your worth if you want to attract the right people in your life. You can’t value yourself less and expect other people to value you more. Once you start believing that you are worthy of attracting people of the highest caliber in your life, chances of you remaining single are slim. If people are treating you like garbage, you should walk away; you will know very well that you deserve much better because you know your self-worth.

Getting over your ex

If you are still stalking your ex-partners on their social media pages, it means you haven’t gotten over them. If you want to be sure that you are really done with them you should do away with anything that will link you to them; unfollow them on social media and even block them if need be. You need to start a new relationship on a clean slate.

Also, don’t go into a new relationship with some expectations of what your ex was like, how they treated you or how they did things; they are an ex for a reason so stop comparing the people you meet with them. If you don’t stop seeing your ex as superior, you may miss the good things someone new might do for you, then you might have to consider yourself permanently single.

Yes, it’s true, the question ‘what if I am single forever’ might have bothered you for the longest time now and you have started to think maybe you are cursed or something. My advice is, never stop dating even if it’s uncomfortable at some point the right person for you will surely come into the picture. Here are more inspirational quotes and sayings that you can read through for encouragement.

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