Why Being Single is Better

Why Being Single is Better

Why being single is better is a serious question that a lot of singles have asked themselves a lot lately. Sometimes you need encouragement to go through your life decisions, much to society’s disapproval. At some point, single people need to understand that there is much more to life than investing their love and time in the wrong person.

For some reason, some singles would prefer to ride solo and decide to settle down when they are older while there are those who become single forever. Whatever the case may be, you do need to understand why being single is better than being in a relationship. Being single is no longer out of the ordinary in today’s world, it comes with mental, emotional, and physical benefits. There are a whole lot more reasons why most people find being single better than being coupled. This article will cover the top 10 reasons why being single is best and trust me, you will soon view being single differently.

You can Make Plans Freely

When you are single your social calendar is all yours, there’s absolutely no one who will keep making demands or make you change your plans. You can plan a road trip with your friends without having to consult with your partner. That is the perks of being single, you worry about pleasing nobody but yourself. You just live your life like it golden.

If you see a need for redecorating your house, you just do it in whatever way you see fit. Whether you want to hang big cow posters on the wall or you want to paint your house pink, it’s absolutely your choice, no one will be there to criticize you about your choice of colors and sense of style.

More Time to Know Yourself Better

One of the perks of being single is that you get to know yourself better. I mean it’s weird right, how can one not know themselves? When you are in a relationship, your life tends to be influenced by your partner because you try by all means to please them, so sometimes you end up not knowing your true self. Well, being single gives you the time to get in touch with your inner thoughts, you will get to know your preferences, hobbies, and more without anyone’s interference or opinion.

If you feel like you need your alone time, you can just disappear into your world peacefully without feeling like you are rejecting or ignoring your partner. You also get to know your strengths and weaknesses since you will be independent, you will know how exactly to handle anything that is thrown your way.

More Time with Your Friends

We cannot shy away from the fact that when you are in a relationship you have less time for your friends—it is inevitable.  When you are single, whatever your friends decide to do, you will be available because you won’t have to worry that you already have plans with your significant other. In that way, you will get to know your friends better and your bond will be tightened.

Single people also put in more effort to make relationships with their siblings strong. Singles usually have a pool of close friends and relatives because they’ve got all the time they need to establish and maintain relationships.

You’re Better with Money

Studies have shown that people who are in a relationship spend a lot of money, whether they have children or not. So when you are single you won’t have to worry about your partner’s overspending problems. All the money you have in your wallet or accounts is all yours, you are in control of how you spend it. You don’t have to answer to anyone about your spending.

Being Single Can Mean Doing Better at Work

Single people are dedicated to their careers, they are more likely to be killing it since all their strength and time is directed towards their work, unlike people who are in a relationship. Singles are open to many opportunities since their life is not controlled by a relationship. When you have business trips, you won’t have to answer to anyone as to where you are going, how long you will be gone, and who you are going with. In other words, you get to build the life of your dreams without restrictions when you are single.

Being Alone Can Be Less Stressful

In as much as when you are single you get to be bothered by the fact that you are single, but that stress is nothing compared to that of coupled people. When you are single there is nothing much to stress you because you are in total control of your life. You only have minor things to stress you while when you have a partner there will be a whole lot more things to bother you, which will increase your stress levels.

You Will Be Able to Eat Your Heart Out

Have you ever craved something and not been able to eat it because your partner didn’t feel like eating it? Yeah, I know that feeling. When you are single, you are free to eat whatever you want whenever you want, and anyhow. If you feel like drinking from the bottle you just do it or feel like stuffing yourself with junk. No one is going to disapprove of your eating habits or complain about you gaining weight and make you less comfortable in the process.

No Fight, No Drama

People who are in a relationship tend to fight a lot because they both have different preferences and views on life. One person has to always compromise but when you are single there’s less drama in your life. You don’t have to fight with anyone just because they disagree with you. Your life is peaceful and stress-free.

No Pressure of Dressing Up

You get to dress however you feel like, there is no need to impress anyone. If you feel like going out, you just do it without having to check in with your partner. You dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

No Expectations

No one is expecting you to be something you are not or act in a certain way, just like you are not expecting anyone to behave in a certain way when you are single. So you won’t deal with disappointments or worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. That is one of the reasons that can help you to answer – why being single is better.

There are a whole lot more reasons why being single is better. Whenever you feel demotivated to stay single, check out the best encouragement words and quotes to help you tackle life issues that you will come across in your single-dom journey.

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