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“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away hunger.” These are wise words from St. Basil whom you might not know, which carry a message that I’m sure applies to everyone.
Many a time we find ourselves lacking motivation and in need of words that can uplift our spirit or open our eyes.

There is nothing that can do that better than words of wisdom from  some really outstanding people. These may be friends, family religious people or even from the web.In this article we will look at some words of wisdom that are available on the internet. The web has quite a number of sites that have a collection of these words from different sources like the one above. Some of these words address serious issues while some carry with them a sense of humor.

Living with the Heart

This is a website about adversity and healing. The wise words from this site are grouped according to adversity, choice, grief and loss, opportunity, happiness and faith. To view all these words of wisdom you can visit them at livingwithheart.com. The wise words from this site are taken from a number of individuals and categorized according to their meaning. From this site you will find the wise quotes with the authors of such words.

Lovely SMS

For some short and lovely inspirational messages to inspire you, or someone close to you, you might need to consider the words from lovelysms.com. From this site are wise words, wise sayings, famous quotes, love and life quotes and many more. All you need to do is choose the category that suite your need. You will run into a wide range of the quotes that will leave you feeling inspired.


This site has a collection of wise words from various sources. The words of wisdom from this site are categorized into different sections. There are those dedicated to love, friendship, wise words, marital woes and a variety of other topics. To view all these wonderful quotes you can visit santabanta.com. Most of their quotes carry a lot of humor though. So if a good laugh is on your list, you can try them out.


So whatever wise words you are looking for are, these sites I have mentioned above will have you covered. They cover all categories from serious situations to light moments. Have yourself inspired by wise words from these site and they will surely brighten your day. You can also use them to inspire others if that’s your intention.


·    Wise words carry a meaning we might relate to and get inspiration from.

·   There a number of sites that provides words of wisdom on the web.

·   Livingwithheart.com is a site that has wise words addressing adversity and healing.

·    Lovelysms.com has famous quotes and other wise words that will leave you inspired.

·   For funny inspirational wise words santabanta.com is the site I’ll recommend you check.

·    Whatever the form of wise words you have in mind, there are sites that will take care of you.

Additional Information

If you are looking for wise words concerning bad relationships, moving on and funny women quotes, you can check out quotegarden.com. There are also various links to other sites with different topics that you can opt for here too. The words of wisdom from this site are from both well-known and unknown people.

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